Should I build my own version of PriceYak?

We get this question a lot! And people also attempt this a lot. It usually doesn't go well for them. Homemade solutions wind up working for a little while, but then Amazon will either outsmart it, you will outgrow it, or you'll just get tired of playing cat and mouse with marketplaces that are constantly evolving. When folks leave to try to build their own PriceYaks, we inevitably wind up welcoming them back to PriceYak not long after.
Here's a few reasons why using PriceYak is your best bet: 
1) When Amazon and eBay make security/rule/process changes, we adjust for them quickly
2) Most of the time, Amazon will A/B test their changes, so it affects only a small number of orders first. We are able to detect and fix issues that arise from changes before you even see the issue.
3) Amazon is constantly improving anti-scraping efforts, so what works one day might not work the next, and we are forever improving our system to beat their anti-scrape.
4) The landscape of best practices for dropshipping is constantly changing, and we're always adding new features to make your lives easier and your businesses more robust.
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