Monitor and Price Adjusting

How long it takes for an item to be repriced depends on a few different variables. Our system is designed to intelligently reprice ordered items more quickly than those that are not ordered as often. You will usually see changes happen within a few hours, but they can occasionally take longer.

Our default pricing formula yields a 10% profit after the eBay FVF and PayPal fees. Once you wait two hours you should see your new item prices in the eBay Listings Tab. 

Here's a full overview of How Repricing Works.

Update Pricing Options:

Read about your options here.
You can go to global settings to update your pricing.


Per-Item Margin Changes:

CHANGES SINCE PRICEYAK NEXT: In old PriceYak, if you wanted to change your margin on a per-item basis, your "Custom Variable" in Item Settings works as a percent, and .10 would mean 10% profit on that item, 1 would mean 100% profit.
In PriceYak next, you should just enter the percentage as-is. 10% means 10%.

Video Overview of Pricing Formula (a bit old, but good for how the calculations work)

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    kevin bubb

    Hi I am new to price yak, In the video it has been mentioned that there are a lot of different formulas that can be used for a listing my question is, being new to price yak can you tell me what my current formula is, i tried to use the formula in the video the 1 with the 10% but when i check my current price it show to be less than what i got

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