AutoOrdering® Settings

PriceYak -> Automatic Ordering -> AutoOrdering Settings
This is where you setup AutoOrdering and update settings.

Amazon Credentials: 
You'll need to supply your Amazon login and password to be able to setup Automatic Ordering.  We only support one Amazon account per PriceYak account at this time. Note:  you can use the same Amazon account on multiple PriceYak accounts without issues (though it is better if you can have a dedicated Amazon account for each PriceYak account).


Billing Address:
Fill out your billing address.

IMPORTANT: Your phone number and zip code MUST match what's on your Amazon account, as sometimes Amazon will ask for these details as a security step.

Payment Information:
Here you can enter in your name, credit card, CVC, the expiration month (type 11 instead of November), and the expiration year (type 2020 instead of 20).

If you select "Use Gift Balance", your gift balance will be used before your credit card. As long as your Gift Balance is above the item total, the order is placed entirely against your gift balance. If your balance is below the order total, it will first use up your remaining gift balance, then charge the remainder of the order to your card. Note that if you use this option, you can put in bogus credit card information, which will simply cause the order to fail (with an error email) if the gift balance is insufficient.

A note about card security:
Your credit card is transmitted using industry-standard 256-bit SSL encryption. Your card is then encrypted once again before being stored in our secure database. Your card information is decrypted only at the time the system enters the card details on Amazon. We never use your card for anything else, not even charges for PriceYak (we send a PayPal bill for that).

Error Forwarding Email:
Errors can happen for a variety of reasons such as expired credit card, invalid shipping address. We have a dedicated article on Automatic Ordering Error Codes.

NOTE: If you disable automatic ordering but still click "Order" on PriceYak to place the order, PriceYak still counts this order as an Automatic Order. 

To learn more, watch this video:

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    Can we have it order from instead? Then 0.5% is donated to a charity of choice by Amazon Foundation.

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    Shlomi Bar-sheshet

    What are the fees for auto ordering ?

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    Taylor Gibbard

    $0.40/order for Amazon orders, free for any other retailer.

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