Automatic Ordering - Common Error Codes and Solutions

When Automatic Ordering is unable to place an order for any reason, it displays an error code in reference to the problem. Automatic Ordering will not retry the order, so it is up to you to place these orders manually or use the "Retry" button in the Automatic Ordering table.



Code: internal_error
Message: Zinc or the retailer you requested is experiencing outages. Please try again or contact if this error persists. 

Solution:  This happens occasionally either due to temporary problems with our service or Amazon. A retry solves this problem in most cases. If you get a lot of internal errors, please contact us. To see the status of our services, please visit


Code: additional_information_required
Message: The retailer asked for additional account verification questions. The 'phone_number' in the billing address in PriceYak must EXACTLY MATCH what is on your account in Amazon, including digits, formatting, etc.

Solution:  See this article:


Code: expired_product_id
Message: The product_id you used is no longer supported by the retailer.  This is caused by an expired product ID. If you search for that ASIN on Amazon and you'll likely find a new ASIN. Not only do expired product IDs prevent the automatic order from working, but they also can break the repricing functionality in some cases.

Solution:  You should update the Zinc tag on this item to reflect the new ASIN, which will fix the issue.

Code: no_prime
Message: Prime shipping is not available for the item(s) you selected.

Solution:  No prime shipping was found for this item. Please contact us if you would like Automatic Ordering to allow orders to ship with non-prime shipping. Also note that due to a known bug, this error will be thrown on items with 3-5 day Prime shipping.

Note: Auto-ordering by default only ships items if they are listed as free/Amazon Prime.  


Code: payment_info_problem
Message: There was a problem with your payment information.

Solution:  This error is caused by invalid credit card details. Check your credit card and billing settings as well as gift card balance, fix any mistakes, then retry the order.

Code: max_quantity_exceeded
Message: You have exceeded the maximum quantity available for a specific product.

Solution:  Amazon enforces a Maximum Order Quantity, or MOQ, for some items. You can:

-Use secondary Amazon accounts to ship these orders manually
-Use Item Settings to lower the quantity of these items, or set them to OOS.

Code: max_price_exceeded
Message: The retailer's final price exceeds the maximum price. Read more on max_price here.

Solution:  You can place the order manually or modify your auto ordering settings however you may be selling this item at a financial loss.

Code: product_unavailable
Message: One of the products you selected is unavailable.

Solution:  This happens rarely when an Amazon item becomes unavailable between our repricing runs. You can see this message yourself on Amazon first by looking at your error email, finding this snippet:

For example: "product_id": "B00LD5WKAO"
Then go to

If you're using our repricing tool this happens when PriceYak runs, finds the item available on Amazon, lists the item, and then the Amazon item becomes out of stock. With PriceYak's AutoOrdering turned on, this condition happens a lot less often than it does when you manually ship. 

Most users deal with this by one of these means:

  • Ordering from another eBay seller and shipping the item to the customer
  • Finding it online elsewhere (or from another Amazon seller) and shipping it to the buyer
  • Canceling the order and apologizing to the buyer

Code: busy_account
Message: Account Busy. The fulfillment account is busy.

This means  Automatic Ordering attempted to launch a request, but the fulfillment account is being used with another request.

Solution:  Wait. If you see this message often add another fulfillment account.

Message: You have no fulfillment accounts. Go to Store Settings and create one.

SolutionTo use automatic ordering you must set up a fulfillment account. Add a fulfillment account at


Code: login_attempt_blocked

Why: After a couple of failed login attempts, PriceYak will stop trying to log in to your account to avoid the source marketplace from locking your account.

Solution: Log in to that fulfillment account through Coyote, then change the password to the fulfillment account. Update the password in the Fulfillment Accounts section of your PriceYak account, then retry the orders. Also, it may be a good idea to enable 2-factor authentication.


Code: insufficient_gift_balance

Why: You have selected to fund your orders using your gift balance, however, you do not have enough gift balance to cover the order.

Solution: Login to your account with the source retailer and refill your gift balance. Consider using Piranha to purchase gift codes and automatically apply them to your accounts.


Code: account_locked_verification_required

Why: Amazon has sent a verification code to your fulfillment account email address, which PriceYak cannot access. When this happens, PriceYak cannot do anything on your Amazon account, including ordering, tracking upload, cancellations, returns, and automatic gift code application until you've resolved this issue. 

Solution:  Setup 2-Factor Auth on your Amazon account.  If you cannot set up 2-Factor for some reason and you encounter this issue during an order, please check your email (and the spam folder) for the email from Amazon containing the verification code, then enter it on the order page in PriceYak to retry. Please note that this code expires after some time, and if your code is expired, Amazon will send you a new one after your first try fails. 


Code: verification_code_expired

Why: You got the account_locked_verification_required error, but then failed to enter the verification code before it expired.

Solution: Please retry the order, then immediately repeat the above steps from account_locked_verification_required, with the new code that will be emailed to you.


Code: insufficient_ZMA_balance

Why: This error is because the managed account balance does not have enough funds to purchase the item.

Solution: See the following article: Funding a Managed Account


Code: invalid_login_credentials

Why: PriceYak is not able to get access to your account.


  1. Make sure the email address and password are correct. Try resetting the password and updating to the new password in PriceYak.
  2. Try logging in through Coyote. If you cannot login manually through Coyote then AO will not be able to login to place orders.
  3. Setup email forwarding ( and retry
  4. Consider setting up seeded 2fa ( and retrying.



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