Why is tracking data not getting uploaded to eBay?


If you're worried about a tracking number that hasn't shown up in eBay, please first check the following items:


1. Log in to Amazon/Walmart/Other Source to check if the item has shipped, and whether there is a tracking number available there yet. If yes,

2. Check that it's been at least an hour, and then check if PriceYak has noted a tracking number for the order. If yes,

3. Log into eBay to see if PriceYak has put a tracking number up there. If yes, GREAT.

4. If no, there may be an issue. Make sure you're still using Automatic Ordering and that it's working properly. If AO is failing, tracking will most certainly be failing as well.

5. If Automatic Ordering is enabled and working properly please write into support about your tracking issue. You must include the following items so that we can figure out what happened:

  • Screenshot showing the tracking number in the source marketplace
  • PriceYak link to the order

Even if tracking is failing on many of your orders, one or two examples of the issue will be sufficient. We thank you in advance for providing all of the requested information as this is the fastest way we can troubleshoot the issue and find a resolution.


Other Things to Try

If you've changed your Amazon account or password, please update them in your Automatic Ordering settings. 

Check your payment methods on Amazon and make sure you only have one credit card on file. Delete all credit cards besides the one you use with PriceYak.

After you've done this, log out of Amazon on all your devices and log back in. 


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