What is OOS?

"OOS" stands for "Out of Stock", and is the term that PriceYak uses for any items that are not currently fit for selling. If an item goes out of stock we will change the eBay listing to 0 quantity and list it as out of stock. 

PriceYak may consider an item OOS because:
-The item is no longer available on Amazon
-The item is only available from sellers who have it on backorder
-The item does not meet your handling time, quantity, or seller rating or status requirements
-The item is not being sold by an FBA (Prime) seller (including Amazon)
-The item is a pre-order, and your account is configured to exclude preorders

So, for example, under OOS there is a "Why OOS" section. If the status changes on the next PriceYak run, we will list the item as in stock again.

Here are some examples of OOS reasons:

1. Handling Time
The 'ships by' or 'estimated delivery date' is too far out of your settings range 

2. Not Amazon Prime
If an item is not eligible for Amazon Prime, and you do not allow for 3rd party or non-Prime sellers, it impacts the shipping guarantee so we list it as Out of Stock.

3. Sellers do not have enough in stock
If you have a Minimum Quantity set in your source settings and none of the sellers have that many in stock, we'll set your listing as OOS. 

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