Repricing Fee Details and Examples

In this article you will find details on the cost of PriceYak's repricing service with real world examples. If you have not already, it may be helpful to see our overview of pricing and billing.


  • Listing creation service is included at no additional charge
  • Listing count is time-adjusted based on when you add the listings to your account. So if you only add a listing half-way through the month, you pay half the fee for that listing, etc.
  • If you pause your PriceYak service for a portion of the month (e.g. while your store is on vacation), you will not be charged for that portion of the month

Example 1: Basic

Rachel has been using PriceYak for a long time. She has exactly 1,200 listings, and does not add or remove any listings for the month of January. Since PriceYak doesn't charge repricing fees for the first 100 listings, her bill for January repricing service will come in the beginning of February, and the total will be $0.10 * 1100 = $110.

Example 2: Users with free trials who start partway through the month

John began using PriceYak on January 7th. John has 250 listings. His free trial ended on January 14th. Because he was not using PriceYak for the first week of January and was on trial for the second week of January, his  bill will be calculated as: 17/31 * $0.10 * 250 = $13.71

In the entire month of February, John continues using PriceYak with 250 listings. His bill for February is $25.

Example 3: Number of listings changes throughout the month

Eliana has been using PriceYak for a long time. She began the month of September with 400 listings. On September 15th, she added 1,000 new listings, for a total of 1,400 listings. Since Eliana added the 1,000 extra listings half way through the month, her average listings for the month is only 900. Her bill will be 900 * $0.10 = $90 for the month of September.

She stays at 1,400 listings for all of October. For that month, she is billed 1,400 * $0.10 = $140.

Example 4: Users with some untagged listings that are not being managed by PriceYak 

José has 10,000 listings on his eBay account, but only 6,000 are linked to a product ID in PriceYak (the rest are on the "Unknown Listings" page). José uses PriceYak for all of January, and is therefore billed 6,000 * $0.10 =  $600 for the month of January.

In February, José's eBay account is suspended, and he pauses his PriceYak service for the first 20 days of the month until his suspension is up. Since José only used PriceYak for  11/31 days, his average listing count is only 6,000 * 11/31 = 2,129. He is therefore billed 2,129 * $0.10 = $212.90 for the month of February. 

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