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YakPal - the ultimate product ID tool



  • shakeel ahmed

    Can we import CSV/Excel file of ASIN for listing?

  • david lahav

    it looks like the graber tool dose not work on walmart?!

  • Christian N

    I have a concern with your ASIN Grabber tool that I would like addressed. Let me start off by saying that I do like the idea of the tool and It seems to work flawlessly when grabbing ASIN numbers from search results on Amazon. However, I noticed that the tool does not work when attempting to use it on an Amazon wish list. I use an Amazon wish list to save items that I potentially would like to list to eBay. Because of the way I need to list items, I cannot simply list items as I load each individual item page nor can I list massive amounts of random items using the results from a search. I must make a list of the items first. So, your tool is essentially useless to me since it will not grab ASIN numbers when I'm on my wishlist page. This forces me to click each saved item in order to load each ASIN. This is way too time consuming. Is there any possibility that you can alter or update the grabber tool so it also works on Amazon wish lists? An update would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


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