Most Common eBay Errors (and their solutions)

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In no particular order, here are eight eBay errors that we've seen frequently and what to do when they show up.

Error: eBay Error [515] : Quantity is not valid. (The quantity must be a valid number greater than 0.)
Make sure your item isn't set to be a fixed price 30 day listings (good until canceled). This can often cause this error. More info is available here.


Error: eBay Error [942] : Quantity is not valid for an item with variations. (At least one of the variations associated with this listing must have a quantity greater than 0.)
You need an eBay store to use PriceYak. This is different from an eBay seller's account; more info from eBay here.


Error: eBay Error [731] : The PayPal email address is invalid. (The format of the PayPal email address is not valid. Enter a valid email address.)
Make sure your PayPal address is listed on the "Global Settings" page. 

Error: eBay Error [21919262]: The email address you entered isn't linked to a PayPal account. If you don't have a PayPal account, you'll need to set one up with this email address so that buyers can pay you.
1) Make sure your PayPal address is entered and spelled correctly in your PRICEYAK_PAYMENT_PROFILE
2) Make sure your PayPal address is entered and spelled correctly in your 
automatic payment method. 
3) C
onfirm your email address with Paypal. This is what an unconfirmed email address looks like in PayPal:


Error: eBay Error [120] : You need to create a seller's account. Before you can list this item we need some additional information to create a seller's account.)
You need an eBay seller's account to use PriceYak. You also need to configure an automatic payment method for your eBay fees. Finally, although it may not be strictly required, we strongly recommend creating a store. You can find useful information in eBay's documentation on seller accounts, automatic payments, and stores.


Error: eBay Error [12519] : Shipping service is not available. (Shipping service replaceable_value is not available.)
Let us know about your specific situation in the contact form.


Error: eBay Error [83] : Duration Invalid. The duration "replaceable_value" day(s) is not available for this listing type, or invalid for category "replaceable_value".)
You need an eBay Store to use PriceYak as we only support GTC listings.


Error: eBay Error [21919188] : This listing would cause you to exceed the amount ($220,000.00) you can list. (This listing would cause you to exceed the amount you can list. You can list up to $168.26 more in total sales this month. Please consider reducing the starting price or request to list more:
Delist items, or contact eBay for a limit increase (which you can do once a month). PriceYak can't reprice items if you have this error.


For listing from AliExpress:

Error: eBay Error [21919052]: This shipping service is not available for this item location. Select a different service
Make sure you have the correct ePacket location selected in your PRICEYAK_SHIPPING_POLICY in your eBay business policy profiles. Try switching from "ePacket Delivery from China" to "ePacket Delivery from Hong Kong" or vice versa.  

All other eBay errors can be viewed and searched for here, on the eBay website. For those who would prefer the link, it's here:

Once on eBay, simply search the number of your error to find out what it is.

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