What Is PriceYak?




PriceYak is the world's first and most powerful dropship automation software.

Dropshippers make the most out of price differences on the internet by listing items from one marketplace to another and marking up prices. For example, a dropshipper may list a $10 item from Amazon to eBay for $14. When the item sells on eBay, the dropshipper orders the item from Amazon and sends it to their eBay buyer, then pockets $4 from the transaction. Dropshippers range from hobbyists looking for a bit of extra lifestyle cash, to robust full-time dropship business owners.

Historically, dropshipping was always done by hand; dropshippers needed to manually create thousands of listings, religiously monitor price changes and adjust listing prices hour by hour so not to lose money, put items in their shopping cart themselves and enter addresses to check out, and manually request and upload endless return labels. We built PriceYak to take all of this mindless grunt work out of running a dropshipping operation to allow you to focus on the most important part: growing your business. 

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