Why are my listings OOS when they are in stock on Amazon?

There are several reasons why an item will appear as OOS on PriceYak while it is in-stock on Amazon. Here is what to look for when you're troubleshooting:

  • Store Settings: The item might be in-stock on Amazon with certain conditions. The item could be only available from a third-party FBA seller, it might be Prime Only, or it might be an Add-On item. Check for these details on the Amazon listing. If you'd like to enable listings like these on your PY account, you can change these settings on your store settings page
  • Ships Too Slowly: This is another common reason for in-stock items appearing OOS. Check the handling / shipping time on Amazon. Anything over 5 days will be listed as OOS.


For more information on OOS items, check here: http://support.priceyak.com/hc/en-us/articles/203361735-What-is-OOS-

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