Lesson 2: PriceYak Prerequisites

We hope you're as excited to get started with Price Yak as we are, but before you do it's important that we ensure everything is set up correctly. These steps are required in order to use PriceYak.  However, if you are already dropshipping or coming from another system, it's likely you have already completed these prerequisites. 

Before we proceed, you will want to make sure you have completed the following items if you intend to sell on eBay.


1. Open an eBay Seller Account

2. Open an eBay Store

3. Join our Active Facebook Group



PriceYak Tips and Tricks:

PriceYak offers managed accounts to make running your store even easier, giving you the flexibility to focus on what you do best while leaving the rest up to us!

Benefits of Managed Accounts

  1. Never lose a sale due to an Amazon account issue.
  2. Scale to thousands of orders a day.
  3. Take advantage of Amazon Prime Two-Day shipping at no extra cost.
  4. Automatic handling of cancellations and returns.
  5. Dedicated customer support team available to handle order issues.

Getting Started with Managed Accounts






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