PriceYak Lite FAQs

What is PriceYak Lite?
PriceYak Lite is the free version of PriceYak, the world’s best dropshipping automation software.

Why is this free?
We see our competitors selling a dream to new sellers without pricing that will help them be successful. Furthermore, we think we can provide a better service while cultivating a community that helps encourage new sellers by sharing knowledge. When we realized we could offer the same service our competitors offer to small customers without price gouging them, it seemed like an obvious choice.

What features does PY Lite provide?
PriceYak Lite has (almost) all of the features standard PriceYak has, including listing, extremely fast repricing, and near-instant Managed AutoOrdering. You also have access to all the advanced settings the PriceYak provides for expert sellers, like VeRO protection and velocity repricing. PriceYak Lite is currently only available for users sourcing from Amazon US and selling on eBay US.

What is Managed AutoOrdering®?
Managed AutoOrdering fulfills orders using Amazon US accounts owned by PriceYak. PriceYak automatically handles the order, tracking, and any potential issues like returns. In the rare case that our automation fails, a dedicated Managed Account support team is available to handle requests. More on Managed AutoOrdering here.

Are there the limitations?
PriceYak Lite is all-in: you must use PY Lite repricing, AutoOrdering, and Managed Accounts. PY Lite does not support AutoOrdering with your own Amazon US accounts. PY Lite is for users with under 10,000 listings total, across all stores. As your business matures, you can easily upgrade to standard PriceYak with the click of a button. PriceYak reserves the ability to terminate accounts that we believe are abusing PY Lite. 

Can I use my Amazon Prime accounts?
PriceYak Lite removes the need for you to manage your own Amazon Accounts. Managed AutoOrdering uses our in-house Amazon automation to fulfill all incoming orders, so you never have to worry about losing orders due to account shutdowns. Account shutdowns are common and a huge barrier to growth!

Why do I need to “Fund” my PriceYak Lite account?
Managed Accounts are like bank accounts: your balance pays for orders. Every time an order comes in, the cost of the order is deducted from your balance, and the revenue from eBay is sent to your PayPal account. You can transfer your PayPal balance directly to your Managed Account balance to ensure you can continue to fulfill orders. You are free to deduct money from your Managed Account balance at any time!

How do I fund Managed Accounts for PY Lite?
The preferred method for funding Managed Accounts is Paypal MassPay, but you can also fund your account with a regular Paypal payment, a credit or debit card (minus a 3% fee), or Bitcoin.

Will I receive support?
PY Lite users have access to the same email support lines as all PriceYak users.

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