Lesson 3: Completing Initial Setup

It's likely you've already completed this next step as you should have been directed here immediately following your enrollment with PriceYak.  But just to double check, let's make sure you've finished these initial start up steps before we proceed.

To access this initial start up page again, log into your PriceYak account and click "add store" on the top left if you haven't started yet or click on the name of your store if it is already connected.  If you have not yet completed these steps in their entirety you will see the 5 steps as detailed below.  Continue to proceed through these 5 steps before moving on to lesson 4.



From there you should see the following page.  Simply work your way through these steps as directions are found within each section.  Once completed, return to this knowledge base and continue with the next lesson.





PriceYak Tips and Tricks:

Ever wonder how PriceYak calculates profit allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your business?  Learn about how the profit estimator works using the link below. 

How does the PriceYak listing profit estimate work?




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