Amazon Account Locked? Overview of Dropshipping Fulfillment Options with PriceYak

Market trends are demonstrating a fresh crackdown on Amazon Prime ordering accounts that are being used for dropshipping. This advisory is to meant help PriceYak clients proactively prepare for changes to avoid disruptions in fulfillment, and make informed decisions about what is best for your businesses: 

Full outline of current fulfillment options:

  • TRADITIONAL AUTOORDERING; PriceYak AutoOrdering is compatible with self-owned Amazon accounts as well as Zinc Managed Accounts
      1. Add your own Amazon fulfillment accounts to PriceYak. If you plan on using your own accounts for AO here is a ranked list of the best account types:
        1. RECOMMENDED: Non-Prime Amazon account
          1. Market data shows that this is now the most consistent ordering option available; just pay shipping for orders <$25
          2. Easy to create / no annual fees
          3. If you have higher volume or specific ordering needs you may need multiple accounts.
        2. Amazon Business Prime accounts
          1. A more robust ordering solution than Personal Prime. 
          2. Accounts have been known to lose Prime status or become converted to Personal Prime.
        3. Amazon Personal Prime accounts
          1. Least stable option
          2. Annual fee for Amazon membership
      2. PriceYak AutoOrders your sales from your Amazon accounts
      3. Manage your own post-order issues or use
          PriceYak team can manage support tasks for a fee. Inquire at
    1. Prime AutoOrdering
      1. Extremely limited capacity currently, especially for orders <$25
      2. Since capacity is limited, prioritize your most important orders with ‘Priority Bid”
        1. Orders with higher bids attached to them are placed first
        2. Set a store-wide Priority Bid to automatically add the same bid to every order
        3. Use “Advanced Retry” to add Priority Bid to individual orders that have already failed
    2. non-Prime ZMA AutoOrdering
      1. Orders >$25 still ship free
      2. Pay shipping fees for orders <$25
        1. $5.99 for 5 day shipping
        2. $10.99 for 2 day shipping (not always available)
        3. If shipping cost is greater than Priority Bid, you might prefer to raise your Priority Bid with Prime AutoOrdering instead
          PriceYak in-house support team handles post-order issues
    3. Instructions on how to set up non-prime ZMA here:
    4. ZMA+ available for higher-level troubleshooting: 
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The PriceYak team is ready to advise and assist with setup on the fulfillment configurations that will work best for your business. For questions and setup support, please contact 

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