Pricing and Billing

PriceYak offers the most generous free dropshipping automation software on the market. EVERYONE gets: 

  • Free repricing (automatic inventory and price adjustments) for 100 listings every month
  • Free automatic ordering for 50 orders every month for every store
  • Creating listings is always free!
  • These offers are per-store, which means if you have 10 stores connected to your PriceYak account, you could get repricing for up to 1000 listings and 500 automatic orders completely free, every month. 

After that, listing is $0.10 per listing per month, and AutoOrdering is $0.40.

We love high volume users. PriceYak is the only dropshipping software that can support high volume users without performance losses. If you are actively managing over 15K listings, email for bulk discounts. 

Many dropshippers frequently add new listings and adjust their inventory throughout each month. For more on how we calculate how many listings you are billed for, see this explainer. Please note that AutoOrdering fees are not refundable, even if a buyer cancels or returns an item.



How does the Automatic Ordering fee work for bundled orders?

The fee is charged per eBay order that is successfully shipped by AO, even if multiple eBay orders are placed in a single "bundled" order on Amazon.

If you have any further questions on billing, please reach out to us at


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    I have an addition to the FAQ on this page. The new "create listing" feature of PriceYak helped me justify the monthly costs as a user with fewer than 250 listings. I started with 100 listings in eBay. I spent 4 hours loading those into PriceYak. (there were shorter methods but I was learning). I then customized my create listing template with terms at the end of the listing (shipping, customer service, communication etc). I picked 5 ASIN numbers of hot items that I knew about but had not yet listed. I input them into the create listing feature and went to bed. One of them sold overnight! Since I had already set up automatic ordering the item was already fulfilling by the time I woke up. This meant $17 profit and I did very little to accomplish it. I had not edited the listing yet or title even. I was very happy with this result and it gave me the confidence that PriceYak was accomplishing something I could not, working while asleep.

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