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Pricing and Billing


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  • Duxmills

    I have an addition to the FAQ on this page. The new "create listing" feature of PriceYak helped me justify the monthly costs as a user with fewer than 250 listings. I started with 100 listings in eBay. I spent 4 hours loading those into PriceYak. (there were shorter methods but I was learning). I then customized my create listing template with terms at the end of the listing (shipping, customer service, communication etc). I picked 5 ASIN numbers of hot items that I knew about but had not yet listed. I input them into the create listing feature and went to bed. One of them sold overnight! Since I had already set up automatic ordering the item was already fulfilling by the time I woke up. This meant $17 profit and I did very little to accomplish it. I had not edited the listing yet or title even. I was very happy with this result and it gave me the confidence that PriceYak was accomplishing something I could not, working while asleep.


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