2-Factor Authentication

You may need to set up 2-factor authentication in order for PriceYak to access your Amazon account to place orders on your behalf.

If you have already added 2FA to your Amazon account before using it with PriceYak, you must disable 2FA then reenable it while following the steps here.



1. Find the "Login & Security" section in you Amazon account settings.  Or alternatively do a google search for Amazon 2FA, click on the first Non Ad link and then click on "Advanced Security Settings".

2. Click "Edit" next to 'Advanced Security Settings'.

3. Read more about 2FA, then click 'Get Started'.


4. Ignore the phone number prompt shown here, and select "Authenticator App" at the bottom instead:

5. Download the Google Authenticator App on your phone. (Android) (iOS)

6. Then, from this view, click "Can't Scan Barcode"

7. Copy this giant blob of letters and numbers:

8. Paste that blob into the "Two-factor authentication key" section of your fulfillment account settings in PriceYak. If you also use Piranha, be sure to also copy this blob into your Piranha retailer account settings.

9. This will give PriceYak access to your Amazon account, but we want you to have access too! If you leave at this step, you'll be locked out of your Amazon account. So go back to this page in your browser, then open your Google Authenticator app on your phone.

10. Click the '+' symbol in the upper right corner of your app, and follow the instructions to scan the above code.

11. Enter the 6-digit code shown on your phone app into the prompt above and click "Verify code and continue".

You're all set up! Congratulations on securing your Amazon account without interrupting your PriceYak AutoOrdering service.


Here's a video of the process (not including views of the Google Authenticator setup):



Note: new fulfillment account settings, including 2FA, will only take effect on orders queued after the save. It will NOT work for already queued orders. If you have many queued orders for an account ("Account Busy" state), it's best to disable the fulfillment account for new orders, wait for all of those orders to be processed, then set up 2FA and reenable the account. Setting up 2FA with orders in the queue will cause all those orders to fail.


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