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Amazon Login

When you add a fulfillment account (e.g an Amazon account) on PriceYak, we dedicate a brand new IP address specifically for that account. We use this IP for all operations (ordering, checking for tracking, applying gift codes, etc). However, when you access your Amazon account manually (e.g. to process a return), your computer uses a different IP address. We believe that this pattern of accessing an account from multiple IPs is a common cause of Amazon account locking and account closure.
With Coyote, you can access your fulfillment account through a virtual computer that uses the exact same IP address dedicated to the fulfillment account for AO. This lets you do manual operations on Amazon (e.g. processing returns) through that IP. We believe that doing things this way helps prevent account locks and closures, especially when you ONLY log in to the Amazon account through Coyote and never through your manual browser. We have done limited testing with a few users, and the results so far have been promising.
How Do I Qualify for Access to Coyote?
Coyote is a free service available to medium-sized users who are doing at least 100 AutoOrders with PriceYak a month. Please contact support to confirm your qualifications, and they can switch it on for you! 
To use Coyote:
1) Go to one of your fulfillment accounts.
2) Click the new “Release Coyote” button:
3) Use the virtual computer to do all necessary operations on Amazon (e.g. processing returns).
For best results, before you even have the Amazon account you should create a new fulfillment account on PriceYak. Then use Coyote to go to and create the account. This way all operations on that Amazon account will have been through only the single dedicated IP from the very beginning.
Advanced Features
  • Native clipboard support: If you have YakPal installed copy and paste should work seamlessly. If you do not have YakPal installed you will have to use the clunky text box.
  • Access downloaded files: If you download a file inside of Coyote you can access the file by clicking "Access your downloaded files here" link.
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