How do I close my PriceYak account?

We will be sad to see you go, but we understand that life happens.

If you need a break from PriceYak, or if you'd rather leave us forever, there are a couple of things you can do to go about this. You should choose the combination of actions that best fit your needs: 

1. Go to your Store Settings, scroll to the bottom, click "Disable."

You will not be billed for the rest of the month, but will be billed for any activity before you disabled. You can reenable at any time.

2. Put your eBay store on vacation

While PriceYak can't tell whether your eBay store is on vacation or not and this will not affect whether we reprice your listings, this will prevent eBay buyers from making purchases from you.

3. Uncheck "enable repricing" and "enable automatic ordering" on your store settings page
You will still be billed for your partial usage of the month (or the minimum $29 if you incurred any fees before disabling these settings), but if you have no existing fees your next bill should be $0.

If there was anything we could have done better to have you stay, please send us a note about it at We're always looking for feedback on how to best serve our customers, so your input is important to us. And, this could also give us a chance to woo you back with improvements.

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    Steven Tyler

    Support doesn't care. Your support team is incompetent. Any profit or minimized losses were taken away because your team couldn't enter my reseller's permit. This has been nothing but a nightmare.

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