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With PriceYak's Shopify support, you can sell thousands of products on a self-branded Shopify store, or take advantage of Shopify's integrations to grow your customer base. Unlike WooCommerce, Shopify is hosted, closed source and charges at least $30/month for the smallest store. This makes using PriceYak with Shopify substantially different than WooCommerce.

What features does PriceYak support with Shopify?

All of PriceYak's features (listing, variations, repricing, and AutoOrdering®) are supporting with Shopify.

Which sources can I use with Shopify?

You can use any source (Amazon, Walmart, etc.)

How many listings can I have on my Shopify store?

This depends on your API limits with Shopify. Shopify limits most stores to 2 API calls/second. PriceYak uses these API calls for listing, repricing, and other tasks. PriceYak can handle stores with hundreds of thousands of items, but having more than 50,000 items may slow down your repricing below 1x/hour. You can raise this API limit by signing up for Shopify Plus, the enterprise tier of Shopify. Listing is also affected by this API rate limit: if you list 50k items at once, it can take as long as 7 hours for all those listings to upload.

Why is listing on Shopify slow?

Shopify limits most stores to 2 API calls/second. Listing requires several API calls so PriceYak can only list one item every couple of seconds. Listing 1000 items can take up to an hour.

Will my orders be delayed while things are being listed?

PriceYak intelligently prioritizes API calls so incoming orders are prioritized over new listing requests, new listing requests are prioritized over repricing, etc.

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