Filing a VeRO counter-notice

Counter notices are an appeals process to respond to VeRO copyright claims. An email from the eBay VeRO team is below. Here's how to file a counter-notice.

Send this email, with the attachment completed linked at the bottom of this article to



I would like to file a counter notice for the following listing takedown:

Thank you

Thank you for contacting the eBay VeRO (Verified Rights Owner) Program regarding a Counter Notice.

eBay encourages you to contact the rights owner to try to resolve this issue if you have not already done so. However, if you feel that one or more of your listings were removed in error, you do have the option of filing a Counter Notice.

The Counter Notice requires you to certify under sworn penalty of perjury that your listings were not infringing and were removed by mistake or due to misidentification. You will also have to consent to federal jurisdiction and service of process.  


eBay will send a copy of your completed Counter Notice to the rights owner that reported the listings. If they notify us in writing or by email that they no longer object to the listings, we will reinstate the listings in question. If the issue can't be resolved, eBay will inform the rights owner that the listings will be reinstated after 10 business days unless they notify us that they have filed a lawsuit to stop you from relisting. Any lawsuit may also seek damages, including costs and attorney fees.

We are providing you with a Counter Notice Form and explanatory materials (attached to this email). Please read the material thoroughly and if appropriate, send the completed Counter Notice back to us by fax to (801) 757-9521.

When you fax us your Counter Notice, please also fax proof of your residence. This can be a legible copy of a current utility bill, phone bill, or any government-issued ID. The personal information on the bill or ID must match the information that you provided in the Counter Notice.

-- Note --

Any documents that you send to prove your identification will be destroyed after your registration information has been verified.

Thank you for your concern in helping to keep eBay a safe and reputable forum in which to conduct business. We appreciate  you choosing eBay.



Jim B.
eBay VeRO Team

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