Contacting PriceYak about a Problem

If you are experiencing a problem with PriceYak or have a question, the first thing you should do is search these help articles for a solution. You will find the answers to most of your questions. This is by far the fastest way to solve your problem and it will let you get back to growing your business and making more money!

If you still aren't able to find your answer, please follow the instructions below for your question type, and use the button at the top of PriceYak that looks like a bug to submit your question!

When you send reports in about issues with PriceYak, it's always helpful to attach the PriceYak link to the issue so we can pinpoint it more quickly. To do this, just log into PriceYak, find the listing, or order, or revision, or anything else, and simply copy and paste the URL in your browser over to us-- that'll take us directly to where your concern is.

1) I have a general question about arbitrage, selling on eBay, optimizing my listings, etc.

As it turns out, we are not able to offer this kind of general guidance. But we have good news! The PriceYak Facebook group is a thriving hub of information where sellers just like you gather to share their most effective tips, tricks, and questions every day. To join the PriceYak Facebook group, request access here: 

2) I believe that an item is being priced incorrectly, or is being considered in/out of stock when it should be the opposite.

PriceYak sets the price and availability of your eBay listings using a series of precise rules. Usually, incorrect prices / availability are the result of bad settings--not a problem with the system. Please do the following: 

1) Ensure that the pricing variables on your Store Settings page are correct. Please read the help pages to ensure you fully understand how these variables work.

2) If the issue is only affecting a handful of your listings, consider either deleting those listings or editing individual item Settings to override PriceYaks default decisions.


If you are still having issues, please send us a ticket at Include the following:

-Your PriceYak email

-The ASIN or eBay Item ID that is being repriced incorrectly.

-The price or availability that PriceYak is setting the item to

-The price or availability that you think the item should be set to.


3) Something Else

Submit a ticket to

When reporting an issue, the more detail you provide, the better.
This helps us quickly resolve the issue without having to ask further questions.

Here's what to provide:

1. Your PriceYak email 
2. A link to the associated eBay item (if applicable)
3. A link to the associated Amazon item (if applicable)
4. A link to where you encountered the problem (e.g. in PriceYak)
5. Any associated error emails or other details you have

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    ive been waiting for a confirmation email from you guys for over 24 hours now. would you please respond to my support ticket?

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