Where to go for Zinc Support

There are lots of products under the Zinc roof and sometimes wires get crossed! Use this guide to make sure you're talking to the right team when you need help:

  • For general PriceYak support: support@priceyak.com
    • For best results, simply login to PriceYak and navigate to the page where you are seeing the issue, then click the BUG shaped button to submit a ticket. This is the easiest way to direct agents to the exact problem. 


  • For Zinc API support: support@zinc.io
  • For Zinc Managed Accounts support:
    • Use the "Cases" system built in to PriceYak for most efficient support on orders.
    • Only email about general questions or funding issues.  
  • If you are not dropshipping and you are an Amazon FBA seller (you own inventory at an Amazon FBA warehouse) that needs to be crosslisted and cross-fulfilled to eBay or Shopify, JoeLister is a better fit for you than PriceYak. 
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