Lesson 4: Personalize Account Settings


By now you've received a basic overview of PriceYak features, you have an eBay store created,  you've connected it to PriceYak, uploaded some listings and set up your Managed Account. (ZMA)

Now you are ready to review and personalize the settings within your PriceYak account.

This step will include setting profit margins, connecting your fulfillment account which is usually Amazon, creating listing and image templates, setting up AutoOrdering and much more.

Please follow along with the below video which will walk you through each and every setting available to you within PriceYak.  Please pause the video as needed to complete the setting on your own, using either the suggestions from the video or your own preferences. 



Watch The Settings Video:

(Page under construction. Please come back soon in order to view the settings video)




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