Lesson 6: Keep Your Managed Account Funded

It's important to keep your managed account funded in order to prevent AutoOrdering™ issues.  If the account has no funds, the order will not be placed and the item may not arrive to your customer in time.

Simply log into your store and scroll down to "Fulfillment Accounts" under "AutoOrder™ Settings" in order to check your current Managed Account Balance.  To add funds click on the +$ under the Account Balance column.


Add funds using one of the 3 methods.

1. Fund with Paypal Payouts ($1 fee) Click Here for instructions.

2. Fund by sending a payment to managedaccounts@priceyak.com from inside your corresponding Paypal email address. (3% fee)

3. Fund With Bitcoin.  Email zma-support@zinc.io for instructions.





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