How to List Merchant Fulfilled Items

We support the selling of 3rd party merchant fulfilled Amazon items!  

Please note that if the base price of the merchant fulfilled offer is within $0.75 of the price of an offer sold by Amazon, our repricer will ignore the merchant fulfilled offer. This is because with shipping, the likelihood that the merchant fulfilled offer will be cheaper than the Amazon offer is very low. And, being able to ignore those particular merchant fulfilled offer frees up a ton of processing power that will improve the reliability and speed of repricing overall. It's better this way, trust us.


How this feature works:

In your Amazon Offer Selection Settings (found in Source Settings), check this box:

If you would like PriceYak to fail orders from sellers who have poor reviews, you can use the "Minimum number of feedbacks" and "Minimum positive feedback percentage" fields to set standards. If you use both boxes, the offer must meet both criteria in order to qualify to be ordered. 


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