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Listing from Amazon to eBay is very time consuming and no one wants to do it manually, especially if it means creating thousands of listings by hand. Lately, eBay has increased its listing requirements, asking for all sorts of details that you have to painstakingly fill in. Dropshipping is often a numbers game and having more listings means having a better shot at making a sale, so listing is a huge and mistake-prone time-sink for dropshippers. 

PriceYak saves dropshippers time on listing so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

To use PriceYak's Amazon to eBay listing tool, just download PriceYak's easy item ID grabber YakPal (our free Google Chrome extension) to compile a list of Amazon ASINs (product IDs), paste the list into PriceYak, et voila! PriceYak will automatically look for items that meet your selection criteria (shipping speed, seller ratings, profit margins, shipping price, etc) and post items to your store complete with titles, photos, specifications, and descriptions. PriceYak can also scan your item lists to detect potential eBay VeRO program violations that may get your eBay store in trouble. With the most comprehensive eBay VeRO list in the space, we have data on tens of thousands of past eBay VeRO violations that can protect you from making the mistakes of other eBay sellers.

Click through here to read more about PriceYak's state of the art eBay VeRO protection tools.

The PriceYak lister is also able to create listings from Amazon to Shopify, Amazon to Magento, Amazon to WooCommerce, and Amazon to Amazon. Internationally, PriceYak supports eBay and Amazon US, UK, CA, DE, and FR. We've also recently added Sam's Club as a dropshipping source.

The Lister is currently free to use for PriceYak users who are already paying for repricing or AutoOrdering, but if you'd like to use the Lister only, a la carte plans are available.

Each Listing plan covers the count of listings successfully created per month, across all stores connected to each PriceYak account. 

$100 for up to 5,000 listings

$200 for up to 10,000 listings

$300 for up to 30,000 listings

$500 for up to 75,000 listings

To get set up with a Listing-Only plan, send a quick note to


If you are an FBA seller who owns inventory on Amazon and is looking to cross-list, sync inventory data, and automatically create Amazon fulfillment orders for your items on eBay or Shopify, check out our sister product, Joelister


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