PriceYak - Common Problems and Solutions


Note: We are always working on even better solutions for many of these common problems. 


Q: How can I use titles other than the exact Amazon title? 

A: Create the listing using the Create Listings tab, then edit the title on My eBay as desired.


Q: How can I prevent some of the images from being duplicated?

A: Edit the listing in My eBay and remove the duplicated images.


Q: How can I automatically modify the images?

A: There's still a tiny bit of manual work involved; open the listing in PriceYak and click "Refresh Listing." This will update all of the listing details to the current source product details and undo any custom modifications you have made to the listing.


Q: I am receiving a listing limits error when trying to create a listing?

A: eBay imposes listing limits on sellers, meaning that the number of total items or the total value of the items you are selling must fall below a certain threshold. If your initial listings are inserted with quantity 2 (the default setting), it will count double against your dollar listing limit. Contacting eBay to request a limit increase often works to raise your limits.  


Q: How do I update my store name in PriceYak? 

A:  Update your store name on the destination website, then reauthorize your store from "Fix Problems" in PriceYak. 

Q.  I had an order come thru that is not showing on PriceYak yet, where is it?



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