Possible Error Messages & Their Solutions

Errors from eBay:

Error: eBay Error [83] : Duration invalid. (The duration "GTC" day(s) is not available for this listing type, or invalid for category "75581".)

Solution: You get this error because you need to create an eBay store ("eBay Shop" in the UK). Here's how: http://pages.ebay.com/help/specialtysites/questions/open-store.html

Note: We currently only support eBay sellers that have an eBay store. 


Error: eBay Error [21916250] : Return policy is not specified. (A return policy must be specified.). Messages from eBay: {}

Solution: You get this error because you need to set up your Business Policies in your eBay store. Here's how: http://support.priceyak.com/hc/en-us/articles/205564399-How-to-edit-your-shipping-payment-and-return-information-business-policies-


Error: eBay Error [21919136] : Required minimum number of photos: 1. (To list in this category, the required minimum number of photos: 1.). Messages from eBay: {'1': 'To list in this category, the required minimum number of photos: 1.', '0': 'Required minimum number of photos: 1.'}

Solution: You get this error because the vendor listing does not have photos of the item. Some eBay categories require that the listing contain a photo of the item.


Errors from PriceYak:

Error: Duplicate Listing

Solution: This item is already listed in your eBay store. We block duplicate listings to prevent your account from being flagged by eBay. Check for this item in your eBay store. We've made an easy way for you to do this (see gif below). We now also link directly to the alleged duplicate. 

PriceYak checks for duplicates by matching ASINs and/or matching titles. If titles for variations match exactly, PriceYak will warn that you're trying to list duplicates. To circumvent this (at your own risk), use "Review and List" to either simply force the listing through despite the warning, or edit the title so that it is unique before you list it. 

Error: Banned Brand

Solution: We keep a running list of brands that have been flagged by Amazon due to copyright infringement warnings. We block these to prevent eBay from flagging your account. In some cases, you might receive an email from eBay about a Copyright warning for a listed item. In this case, please contact Support so we can add it to our list of blocked items.


Error: No offers meet seller selection criteria

Solution: PriceYak requires that items be new and available from Amazon or a Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) seller to list. This is to ensure reliable shipping service from your vendor, and prevents issues with handling and shipping time. If an item is not available from such a source, please check back and try listing the item at a later date.

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