Creating Listings

Once you've added a store to PriceYak, it's time to add some listings to it!
From the "Create Listings" menu at the top of PriceYak, select "Create Listings."

Listing from Amazon to eBay:
Add each ASIN or Product URL as a new line.

Like this:

Not like this:
B00005N5PF B00005N5PF

Example of an ASIN:
The ASIN for Hasbro's "Monopoly" game is B00005N5PF.

Example of an Amazon URL:

Amazon uses ISBNs as the ASIN number in the case of books.

Listing from WalMart: 
Walmart uses ID numbers pulled directly from the item's link.

Example of an ID number: 
The ID number for the Huffy Nel Lusso Cruiser is 49058113

Example of Walmart URL:
Listing to Amazon:
Submit a ticket to Support to ask them to turn on Amazon MFN Beta for you.
Use a new line for each product.
On each line, you have to tell PriceYak which Amazon ASIN to list your item under, as well as the product ID of the source, separated by a comma. This is the format: ASIN, ProductID

Listing from AliExpress or Sears:
You'll need to use YakPal, our Chrome Extension, to get the correct Product IDs. 

What to do about variations:
You'll also need to use YakPal.

Do you have a tool to make finding Product IDs and Variant IDs easier?
YakPal is the answer here too.
YakPal does not currently support B&H Photo Video or Best Buy.

What's the difference between "List" and "Review and List"?
After you've added the necessary product IDs to the listing creator, click "List" to have PriceYak list these items directly to your store if possible. "Review and List" will give you an opportunity to review the listing and change some details before publishing.

If you encounter warnings on your listings (duplicate listing errors for example) you can retry those failed listings with "Review and List" to ignore the warning and list the item anyway. 

Retrying failed listings

  • Go to Create Listings > Listing Requests 
  • Find the small dropdown menu labeled "All Batches" and select a batch
  • Click "Retry Failed Listings" and PriceYak will submit a new batch!

Additional Title Keywords
You can add extra words like "Brand New!" or "Free Shipping" at the end of the titles of all of your listings. You have about 80 characters to work with in eBay listing titles. If the original title is too long to fit your extra keywords, PriceYak will cut the end of the original title off as cleanly as it can to make room for your keywords.

To add title keywords, click on your store name in the top left corner of PriceYak, and then on 'Store Settings.' Scroll down on the next page, find the 'Listing Settings' section, then click 'General.'




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