How to Edit Listing Template

PriceYak -> Create Listings -> Edit Lister Template

This page allows you to change your default eBay listing template.

This requires basic HTML/CSS editing skills. If you do not have these skills, we recommend that you contact an experienced web developer who can help you with this. A third-party option is Alexander Lam who can create or modify your template for $50/hour. Please contact  There are also companies that allow you to easily create your templates for a monthly service fee.  A simple google search will show you some options.

Also, note that in many cases, customizing the template does not benefit sales in any significant way.

Creating a New Template

Your template is simply the HTML of your listing. Our default template provides a good starting point.

You can insert the following variables, which will be filled by PriceYak with the details for the specific product when you create a new listing.

  • {{title}} -- string title of the product
  • {{#product_details}}{{.}}{{/product_details}} -- a list of product details
  • {{{product_description}}} -- raw HTML of the product description
  • {{#feature_bullets}}{{.}}{{/feature_bullets}} -- a list of product features
  • <img src={{main_image}}> -- the main image for the product

Zinc uses the Mustache Templating System for eBay listing descriptions. 

When you are done editing your template, simply paste it into the edit listing template section in Create Listings and then hit save. 


Note that there are also options here to reset your template to the default, or choose from additional pre-created templates.

The check boxes below these buttons allow you to apply a change to all of your existing listings, such as refreshing all titles to match their source market, or having all listings descriptions match the currently selected template. 

Previewing and Editing your Template

1. Navigate to

2. Paste the default template or your current template into the left most column.
Your current template is available by navigating to Create Listings -> Edit Lister Template -> Current template.

3. Paste this example data set into the middle column.
4. Copy all of the contents from the right most window.

Now, see it live:
Now paste in the information from the right-most cell from step 4 above.

The bottom window will show you what the description on the eBay listing will look like! You can now edit your template with a live preview directly in this window.

Once you're happy with the way it looks:
1. Create Listings
2. Edit Lister Template
3. Mustache Template
4. Click Save Template
6. Try creating a new listing to see your new template in action!


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  • Avatar

    "We've found editing your template does not impact sales"

    Could you expand on this anymore? What exactly did you try?

  • Avatar
    Taylor Gibbard

    We've just found that people that have a custom templates vs. our standard template don't seem to see improved sales. In other words, the look of the template doesn't seem to impact sales.

  • Avatar
    Brian Cabalic

    "4. Copy all of the contents from the left most window." should be RIGHT most window.

  • Avatar
    Taylor Gibbard

    Great catch! Fixed!

  • Avatar
    C. Scott Williams

    How do I edit my template AND apply those changes to existing listings?

  • Avatar
    Taylor Gibbard

    This is a new and paid upgrade option (because it costs us money). You can do it one by one for free, though. Contact for more.

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