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Automatic Returns

Handling returns for eBay stores is often a painful, manual process. PriceYak can make this easier by allowing you to view all of your returns without leaving the PriceYak dashboard. Even better, you can use our automatic return label creation to avoid logging in to each of your Amazon fulfillment accounts to create returns.

You can find a link to your Returns page under the "Orders" dropdown on your PriceYak store. You'll see a table of orders with returns. The eBay return state is shown on the right side of this table, along with the eBay return number (and a link back to eBay if you need more information about the return).


New returns show a "Start Return" button. If you click this, we will automatically attempt to create a return label on Amazon. If this succeeds, we will automatically accept the return on eBay and upload the label and tracking number.

You can view more information about this process on the order details page for the order. If you go to the end of the page, you can see screenshots from the automatic label generation process as well as information about the buyer, original order, and eBay return.

You'll still be responsible for handling the final refund. When your buyer returns the product to Amazon, you'll receive an email from eBay (because the item was delivered) and from Amazon (because you received a refund). At that point, you'll need to log into eBay and issue the refund. We're always working on additional automation, so stay tuned!

Buyer Pays Returns

In order to take full advantage of our automated returns, you'll need to keep your PRICEYAK_RETURN_PROFILE under your eBay Business Policy Profiles set to "Seller" pays return shipping.  CLICK HERE to learn how to set up your Business Policies on eBay.

This is necessary because eBay prohibits us from uploading a label if the buyer is supposed to pay for the shipping. Don't worry, the return shipping will still be free from Amazon. You can also charge a reasonable restocking fee in the case of buyer's remorse returns, however, this is not recommended.  

If while processing a return, the "label uploadable" is false (indicated by a red X), you do not have "seller pays" correctly configured in your profile. 

Additional Details

  • We only support returns on eBay orders where the items were purchased from Amazon.
  • Even if you used a credit card to place the original order, you'll receive funds in your Amazon gift card balance.
  • You need to be using AutoOrdering to use automatic returns.


Automatic returns are including in your Auto Order fees.  NO additional FEES!

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