"Unsupported_product_id" error - Why it Happens and How to Fix it


The "unsupported_product_id" error occurs when the ASIN either no longer exists on Amazon altogether due to the item being completely removed, or the item's ASIN expired and was replaced with an updated one. Not only do expired/invalid ASINS prevent successful AutoOrders for the affected items, but they also cause the repricer to stop being able to successfully monitor and adjust the prices/quantities of the affected listings.

You'll need to fully delist the item with the invalid ASIN (if the item doesn't exist any longer on Amazon altogether, or update the item's ASIN to reflect the new ASIN (if the item still exists on Amazon but the ASIN was just changed) which will fix the issue.

Any listing on PriceYak that our repricer/AutoOrdering software has detected has an invalid ASIN will be out of stock, and will have a little yellow triangle with a white exclamation point next to the ASIN on the item's individual listing page (in the "Source id" category):




You can update an individual listing's ASIN by heading to the specific PriceYak listing page of the item, scrolling down to the "Listing Settings" section, and putting the item's new ASIN in the "Product id" box:




Additionally you can click on the "Fix Problems" tab on the PriceYak main menu, scroll down to "Track Listings with Invalid PIDS", click on that, and it will take you to a list that shows you all of your listings currently linked to invalid/expired ASINS. You can delist all of these items at once from here too:




There is also a box that users can check in their Amazon offer selection settings on PriceYak titled "Take an item out of stock if its add-to-cart ASIN does not match the listed ASIN (experimental)". If this box is checked, the repricer will take an item out of stock if all of its offers on Amazon have a different ASIN than the listing, prior to the item being attempted to be ordered - resulting in less “unsupported_product_id” errors:



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