AutoOrdering® Overview

Manual ordering taking up too much of your time? Feeling like you don't have enough time to focus on growing your dropshipping business? Sign up for PriceYak here!

AutoOrdering®  is just what it sounds like.  Our system will automatically place your customer orders.  You won't have to find the product on the supplier website, type in the buyer name and address, add it to the cart, create a gift note, choose a payment type, submit the order or mark the item shipped on eBay.  We take care of all of that for you! 

Get Started:
1. Go to your store settings
2. Select "Enable automatic ordering"
3. Click on "Fulfillment Accounts" under your AutoOrdering settings to set up your fulfillment account information so PriceYak can start placing orders on your behalf! 

How it works:
1. After it's set up, auto orders happen with 10 minutes of the eBay order.
2. If the Amazon price is more than your PayPal order, we won't order the item.
3. If you want to manually place orders, there will be no fee.

Here's what we charge for Automatic Ordering.

You can easily add the automatic ordering fee into your pricing formula to ensure you earn the same amount of profit even after the fee. 

We bill at the end of each month along with your PriceYak bill.

We automatically send the package to the eBay address and mark it dispatched with eBay.  If Amazon suggests a slightly different address, we refuse it and use the exact address that eBay uses. 

We also upload the shipping details to eBay within a few hours after Amazon provides the shipping details.

You will only get an email from PriceYak when an order fails for some reason. You will still receive all Amazon order confirmation emails. And all automatic orders (successful or failed) will appear on your dashboard.

Adding New Items:
As long as you have a Zinc tag inserted in your listings (which we do automatically if you use our listing tool), you can add new listings and Automatic Ordering will automatically fulfill the orders when the new item sells.

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    Do you mark the item as dispatched within eBay? Also, what happens for orders where the profit margin is very small, say you only earning $0.50 on an order and then you get charged $1.00 for the transaction? That would make a loss of $0.50 for every item sold. Do you control this?

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    Hi Steve,

    We do indeed mark the eBay item as dispatched (I've updated the article to adjust for this).

    To answer your second question, we allow you to adjust your pricing formula to control your margin and make sure you are making money on each and every order. So if you let us know to do so, we can adjust your pricing formula so that you will make the same profit on each sale even after the automatic ordering fee.


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    Usually, the sellers place a receipt with the purchase price, promotional flyers etc. I didn't find any information on how to control the content of the parcel so that there is no misunderstanding when the original seller presents a different price and information with the parcel. And second question is can I choose merchandise with a 'Prime' tag, which are sent by Amazon when I use an automatic ordering.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Taylor Gibbard

    Hi Valdemaras, good questions! By default, PriceYak AutoOrdering will choose the "ship as gift" option, which will prevent Amazon from including the purchase price in the package. You can disable this option if you like in your AutoOrdering settings.

    For your second question, yes you can order items with "Prime" (or FBA) tag. If configure it correctly in your offer selection settings, then only FBA offers (with the "Prime" tag) will be considered in-stock (many users choose to configure it this way). Please let me know if you have any questions!

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    Thank you very much for your fast and detailed answer.

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