Automatic Ordering - Prevent Unauthorized Orders

If you use dedicated fulfillment accounts to fulfill orders with PriceYak, you can activate automatic alerts so that you'll know if any unauthorized orders are placed on your account almost immediately after they happen. 

Running a successful dropship business means having thousands of orders in your account history. If anyone were to gain unauthorized access to your account, it's possible for them to place fraudulent orders without you or the retailer noticing. In fact, we have consistently seen dropshippers that are targeted by skilled fraudsters who then place unauthorized orders at a slow rate, sometimes "archiving" them afterward, in order to steal money from your business.

The good news is our new alerting feature can help protect you from this threat!


To configure unauthorized order alerting:

1) For each of your fulfillment accounts, set up a rule to forward all emails to Your email provider should have a setting for this, e.g. here are instructions for Gmail. Information from forwarded emails will also be used for other enhancements, such as to more quickly recognize and upload tracking information.

2) Check the box next to "Unrecognized Order" notifications in PriceYak Notification Settings.


That's it!


Whenever we receive an order confirmation email from the retailer, we check to confirm that it matches up to an order that was placed automatically by PriceYak. If it wasn't then we email you! If you ever place orders manually on your account, you will receive an unrecognized order email which you may ignore. You can also do this to test the alerting functionality.


If somebody has gained unauthorized access to your account, we recommend you take the following steps:

  • Immediately change the password on your fulfillment account, and anywhere else you used this password. Use a different password for each service and account and consider using a password manager such as Lastpass.
  • Enable 2FA on your fulfillment account. Instructions for setting up 2FA with PriceYak.
  • Look through all orders on your fulfillment account and attempt to cancel any unauthorized orders. Be sure to check the "archived orders" section on Amazon.
  • You will now be back up and running and will not need assistance, but please email to let us know. We are always looking out for our customers and ensuring the security of PriceYak systems, so we may wish to help you find the source of the compromise.


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