AutoOrdering® Shipping Options

Your Auto Order Shipping Options can be found in the Source Settings for each store. You've got a lot of flexibility with auto ordering on the shipping speed. Here's an example screenshot of the various options when ordering items. 

PriceYak AutoOrdering Options

Note that FREE is the default for all user accounts unless you change it.  It's the most highly recommended shipping option.

May incur a cost.
This will always select the least expensive shipping option, starting with the fastest free option. Even if there is no free shipping, it will still place the order.

May incur a cost.
This will always select the fastest shipping option, independent of the price.

May incur a cost. (doesn't work on UK)
This will always select the cheapest shipping method that ships at most two days.  So, if there is a faster method than two days, but it's more expensive than the two-day option, it will choose the cheaper two-day shipping. If there is no two-day option, it will fail.

May incur a cost.
This will look for the no-rush shipping option and if it's not there, it will fail.

Will never incur a cost.
This will ship the fastest possible option for free and it will fail if there are no free options.

Will never incur a cost.
This will ship the item for free, but use the free standard shipping to do it.  It will fail if the shipping is not free.



walmart_standard or walmart_value:
These selections apply to repricing only, and not for AutoOrdering. This tells PriceYak which WalMart shipping price to use for your repricing calculations. WalMart Value shipping is cheaper, but it is not always offered on some items. So if you select walmart_value but that shipping method is not available for an item, PriceYak will consider the item out of stock. 

Selecting this instructs PriceYak to assume that shipping on all items is free, even if it isn't. 

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