AO - Address Book Cleaner

As you (or Automatic Ordering) place orders on Amazon or other retailers many addresses will accumulate in your "Address Book". This isn't a problem for most buyers, but for large buyers, it can be. For example, Amazon may not let you add any addresses when doing a return, and return labels may even show the wrong address.  Ideally, it's nice to have a clean empty address book over one with thousands of names.  Walmart will not allow you to place new orders after you have 300 addresses in your address book.

PriceYak will now automatically clear addresses from your address book with each order. Simply check this box in your Advanced AutoOrdering settings:


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    There is a very particular reason why amazon dropshippers would need it Doug. I heard keeping lots of addresses in your amazon address book makes you prone for more vigilant Amazon analysts who look for Amazon TOS violations (dropshipping thru FBA). This is good stuff. Thanks Doug

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    Taylor Gibbard

    We haven't seen this as an issue, but glad you find this useful :)

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    kurtis stidd

    how do i use this tool


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