Funding a Managed Account

Managed Accounts take the headache out of opening, maintaining, and funding Amazon and other retailer accounts, allowing you to focus on growing your business.  

To use a Managed Account for fulfillment, you must keep it funded. The best and cheapest way to fund your managed account is by using PayPal Payouts. See this article for how to set up Payouts.

Remember, the funds in your Managed Account are yours and upon request, we will fully refund your Managed Account balance to you via PayPal within 3 business days.

To add funds, navigate to the Managed Account funding page. Enter the amount you want to load into your Managed Account, the currency your Managed Account uses, and click "Download CSV". You can reuse this CSV to fund your managed account. All payments will be going to

You can fund your account with USD, GBP, CAD, or EUR but we no longer support BTC funding.


Once you have your CSV in hand, navigate to the Payouts web interface. Upload your CSV and leave all other fields blank. Check the disclaimer at the bottom, and click "Continue".


On the final screen, click "Send Payout". Within minutes, your Managed Account will be reloaded.


Funding without Payouts

If you do not have Payouts/Masspay we offer several ways to fund your account:

1) You can send a standard PayPal payment to, but a $0.30 + 3% fee will be deducted (not a great deal).
Please make sure that the PayPal email you send this payment from is correctly entered into the Managed Account fulfillment account details in your PriceYak account. This is how we know which account to add your funds to! (Store Settings > AutoOrdering Settings > Fulfillment Accounts) 

2) If you plan to order >$20,000 or equivalent in another currency per month through Managed Accounts, then you can fund using ACH or Wire transfer. Email for instructions.


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