About Managed Accounts

New: Use Managed Accounts to get the first 300 AutoOrders in each of your stores FREE, every month.

Managed Accounts  take away the headache of opening, maintaining, and funding an Amazon account, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Using managed accounts is totally free! You just pay the standard AutoOrdering fee.

Managed accounts are currently only available for Amazon US, UK, and Germany. 

Benefits of Managed Accounts

  1. Never lose a sale due to an Amazon account issue
  2. Scale to thousands of orders a day
  3. Take advantage of Amazon Prime Two-Day shipping at no extra cost
  4. Automatic handling of cancellations and returns
  5. Dedicated customer support team available to handle any issues with orders on Managed Accounts
  6. Pay no sales tax on the vast majority of orders when you use tax-exempt Managed Accounts (must complete simple paperwork). State exceptions may apply. Please note we will not refund taxes charged even if it was the result of a bug. Please select the "Fail orders if they would be charged tax (Amazon only)" option on your Advanced AO Settings page in order to protect yourself from paying taxes.

Using a Managed Account

Using a Managed Account involves you in two ways: funding and customer service.

A Managed Account requires you to maintain a balance with us. See instructions for funding your managed account. This balance is fully refundable at any time via PayPal. We draw from this balance for each order we place on your behalf.


  • You receive an eBay order for a product.
  • AutoOrdering automatically places the order on Amazon using your Managed Account.
    • The product cost $26.45. Shipping was free and there was no sales tax.*
    • The total order cost was $26.45.
    • $26.45 is deducted from your Managed Account balance.
  • If you process an automatic cancellation or return, $26.45 is credited back to your balance.

*As long as you are buying for resale, you qualify for sales tax exemption on your Managed Account orders. You must fill out this form to enable the tax exemption. If you have not completed that form, you may be charged sales tax on your Managed Account orders. Contact us if you have questions about this.

You can fund you Managed Account balance using PayPal "MassPay" / "Payouts" without a fee. You are responsible for keeping your Managed Account balance sufficiently funded for your order volume. 

Our automatic returns and cancellation functionality supports the vast majority of orders processed using Managed Accounts. For the small number of orders that do not, our support team will assist you in resolving customer issues: just open a Case.


  1. We will not troubleshoot an order over 90 days old. Most tracking data is scraped within 90 days so we cannot access the necessary information to assist after this timeframe. 
  2. If an order is marked as delivered, we will not troubleshoot. This puts our accounts at risk of closure. Please use tracking as proof of shipment/delivery. 
  3. We will not issue refunds for non-returnable items or orders that miss Amazon's return window (30 days after delivery). Here is more info on this policy:
  4. We do not coordinate UPS pickups. Occasionally an exception can be made especially for large items.
  5. Orders returned without the label provided by PriceYak/Amazon will not be refunded. We will not make exceptions regarding this policy.
  6. Sales tax will not be reimbursed even if charged as the result of a bug.
  7. Bitcoin is no longer supported. Please check the Managed Account Funding page for more info.
  8. We will not create a label/refund for an item marked as ineligible for return. This is an Amazon policy. We can make an exception if an item is damaged and your buyer provides photo evidence.



Getting Started

For detailed instructions on enabling Managed Accounts, check out our step by step guide

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  • Avatar
    Jack Ashcroft

    How much does manages accounts cost 

    What are the fee's per order and what happens in cases where the customer says they havent received the item and an e-chat is required with amazon ?

    Edited by Jack Ashcroft
  • Avatar
    Jessica Jin

    Hi Jack. Our Managed Account service is totally free! You will only incur the standard $0.40/order AutoOrdering fee.

  • Avatar
    Rob Ferman

    So is this a workaround for "max_quantity_exceeded"?

  • Avatar
    Jessica Jin

    Great question Rob. If you're running into "max_price_exceeded" with one of your orders you can try sending it through Managed Accounts and there's a good chance it will work. It's still possible to get "max_quantity_exceeded" errors when using Managed Accounts though for extremely popular items.

  • Avatar
    Jacob Levan

    What if I already have a registered business account with Amazon

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